Representative Cases

Here is just a sampling of victories Ms. Penson has obtained for her former clients. All of the information on this page is contained in public records. Absolutely no confidential client information is disclosed here

  • James Harris v. Marcus Hardy, Murder case in which client had once been sentenced to death. Federal court ordered a new trial based on Cook County prosecutor’s efforts to keep black people from serving on the jury.
  • David Harris v. McCann, Client originally sentence to death in murder case involving an attempted car-jacking. Federal court ordered new sentencing hearing based on failure by client’s original lawyer to investigate and present circumstances of client’s life justifying a lesser sentence.
  • State v. Perry, Client convicted of possession of heroin with intent to sell. I Represented client on appeal, convincing the appellate court to reverse client’s conviction and six-year prison sentence because trial judge failed to require the State to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • State v. West, Client convicted of sexual assault. I represented client on appeal. Appellate court reversed sexual assault conviction due to trial court’s improper admission of evidence regarding the alleged (deceased) victim’s hearsay statements to police, to a 911 dispatcher, and to medical personnel.
  • State v. Crawford, Sexual assault conviction reversed because the trial judge displayed bias against the defense and repeatedly interrupted the defense closing argument.
  • State v. Escobar, Client charged with harassment of a witness based on showing up at the home of a woman he had stalked for 14 years. Conviction reversed because indictment failed to state all elements of the offense and State failed to prove the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • State v. Plummer, In a murder case, trial court refused to allow proceedings on client’s post-conviction claim that his original lawyer performed poorly by failing to obtain mental health records showing that the State’s main witness (who testified she overheard client planning a robbery) had a history of auditory hallucinations and other mental illness. Appellate court reversed, requiring the trial court to allow further post-conviction proceedings.
  • State v. Enoch, Intoxicated client found sleeping behind the wheel of his parked, but running car charged with DUI. State tried to prove DUI, asserting client had driven the car to its location while intoxicated and was capable of driving off at any time. Jury found client not guilty.
  • State v. Hams, After four-day trial, which included evidence of self-defense, jury found client who engaged in a fight at a courthouse not guilty of aggravated battery.
  • State v. Garcia, Client accused of shaking crying baby and causing permanent injuries, including shaken baby syndrome. Defense evidence showed that client’s conduct was unintentional. Client found not guilty of aggravated battery.
  • State v. Campbell, Client accused of drive-by shooting. Evidence of mistaken identity presented in defense. Jury found client not guilty of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm.
  • State v. Southern, Client found by school personnel to have entered a school with a handgun in his backpack and charged with unauthorized possession of a weapon on school grounds. Alleged confession to police excluded from evidence. Client found not guilty after three-day jury trial.
  • State v. Sollinger, Client pulled over by police officers for alleged traffic violations. Client pulled out of the car and arrested. Client injured during arrest and charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer. Client found not guilty after a two-day jury trial.



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