Traffic violations

Traffic violations

Whether you’ve received a traffic ticket, have a number of pending tickets that have not been attended to, or if you have a warrant out for your arrest, The Law Offices of Geneva L. Penson is here to help. As an experienced traffic violation lawyer who has been representing clients with similar charges for nearly two decades, we can help give you clear answers to the questions you have. Although traffic violations may not be deemed as serious offenses, it is important you consult with a criminal defense attorney whenever you have been issued a ticket. Also keeping your record clean could be important for your career and future employment.

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If you have been issued a ticket for speeding or have pending tickets that have not been addressed, it is important that you speak with a traffic violation attorney. Geneva Penson has convenient offices located in Aurora, IL and has represented hundreds of individuals that have been issued traffic violations throughout the greater Chicago area. Contact our office today by calling (630) 844-6960 and talk to an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer.



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